Like a cameraman,
just way better!

$139 USD
$139 USD

One genius little pod. Endless creativity.

You'll never need to bribe friends to record riding videos ever again.

Auto Tracking

360° Rotation

Auto Zoom

Video call

Remote Control

Tripod ready


Picture perfect on the move

Snap a shot of that winning jump in action anytime, anywhere.



Why Pod Silver?

It's simple. Pod Silver is faster and can track your horse better. We want you to have the best Pivo experience, so Pod Silver is our recommended Pod for equestrains.

Choose your Pod Silver Pack
Pod Silver
$199 $139 USD
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Starter Pack Silver
$269 $169 USD
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Standard Pack Silver
$369 $219 USD
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Full Pack Silver
$469 $259 USD
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Smart Mount
Capture from insanely creative angles!
Get on your horses level!
Action Mount
Extend Pivo's capabilities to your action cam.
Travel Case
Perfectly designed to protect your Pivo while you're on the move.


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